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YachtDiver™ Chamber Considerations- Timely treatment for any true-life threatening hyperbaric injury is paramount. Recovery from embolism-type injury demands immediate hyperbaric treatment rendering full-time ready chamber the optimum choice.

Hyperbaric Chamber

The Diver Alert Network notes: According to the DAN 1992 Report on Diving Accidents and Fatalities, slightly more than 50 percent of all decompression illness cases that received hyperbaric oxygen therapy were successfully treated without residual symptoms. In general, recurrence of symptoms can occur, but this is not necessarily normal... In many cases of decompression illness, the response to therapy is related to the time between symptom onset and chamber recompression. Divers must do everything they can to assure rapid first-aid measures -- which includes the use of 100 percent oxygen -- and evaluation leading to chamber therapy.

Chamber WindowAdequate interior space and dual lock environments are critical to attendant effectiveness and comfort. Common symptoms of DCS require hands-on assistance from attendant. Any ship considering an on-board chamber will also require a trained and licensed attendant to operate the chamber-- a necessary expense if your diving takes you to remote locations where the availability of a hyberparic chamber might be in doubt. The Brownie's™/Amron YachtDiver™ Chamber Package is the last word in diver safety and comfort.

Climate control via proper air conditioning systems is possible only with permanent [non-inflatable] chambers. Cost of operation and initial expense are comparable between both fixed and collapsible while the full-time chamber maintains an indefinite life span and continued value both for diving and HBO medicine purposes.

Multi-place accommodations are a preferred requirement given diving is a team sport and it is conceivable that if one diver is injured, the others in the group may also need preemptive treatment as well.

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