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Inflatable Water Slides

Brownie's YachtDiver™ offers FreeStyle Slides for the best in quality inflatable Water Slides for yachts.

Inflatable Yacht Water Slide

These Water Slides offer durable fun for all toys come with all you need to assemble your custom water slide complete with your yacht logo on the side! FreeStyle also builds custom Yacht Climbing Walls, Jet Ski docks, Rock Walls, and other great applications. See more images below.

Yacht Rock Climbing Wall

Check out the new Yacht Climbing Wall! Get all the fun you need with this high quality climbing wall featuring your logo and custom fit to your yacht. Contact Us now for more information for more fun!

New Yacht Rock Climbing Wall
New Rock Climbing Wall

Inflatable Custom Tender and Jetski Dock
Inflatable Custom Tender and Jetski Dock
Note D-rings for tie-up, a nice safety feature

Cruiser LS Yacht Water Slide
Cruiser LS
Cruiser NLSYacht Water Slide
Cruiser NLS

The Water Slides for Yachts come in two versions- Cruiser LS and Cruiser NLS. The LS version as a leg support, the NLS version does not. It is recommended you have the LS version if your tallest rail height is over 12 m. in vertical height at the highest point of attachment.

Newest Legless Slide!
New Yacht Water Slide

The newest Yacht Slides come without support legs for up to 12 meters in height at the attachment point. These slides are 20% less in weight for easier handling and storage.

Water Slides for Yachts
Water Slides for Yachts

Water Slides for Yachts come completely equipped and ready to go. The Water Slide includes a three year warranty and has a quality finish befitting a yacht toy for appearance and safety.

Contact Us today for your custom build and installation of the perfect yacht water slide.

Motor Yacht Water Slide
Motor Yacht Water Slide

Detail of Motor Yacht Water Slide
Detail of Motor Yacht Water Slide