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Parts & Service Kits

QRS Connectors

(Quick Release Swivel™)

QRS Connectors

Another Brownie’s™ exclusive! Our proprietary design cuts hose assembly time by over 95%. Connect or disconnect hoses in a snap. Allows you to customize your hose configuration in seconds. An audible “click” confirms the connection is secure. To prevent accidental separation, two hands are needed to disengage the connection. The swiveling design reduces kinks and tangles while you dive.

QRS38F Female QRS
QRSYA Y Hose Divider

The Care Kit

The Care Kit

Protection, Prevention and Remedy Keep your gear looking and acting new with Brownie’s Care Kit. It contains superior maintenance products and spare parts to save your vacation. Each kit includes: 2 spare male and 2 female QRS fittings, spark plug, Corrosion X engine protectant, Stabil fuel treatment, compressor head rebuild kit with instructions, spare mouthpieces, a handy air-gun attachment, and more... All in a neat, sectioned, roll-up carrying case for neat and convenient storage.

For F280 Honda
For F280 Robin Subaru
For F390 Honda
For F390 Robin Subaru

* Rebuild kits include new style flapper valves. Please read the Technical Bulletin to determine if you need new Valve Plate Assemblies to match.

Compressor Head Rebuild Kit

Compressor Head Rebuild Kit

General maintenance rebuild kit for direct drive compressors includes: piston sleeve, cup, screw, o-ring, gasket, four flapper valves, and two screws. Kit also includes complete rebuild kit instructions.

Note: One rebuild kit is needed for each compressor head.


Compressor Rebuild Kit - with Valve Plates

Compressor Rebuild Kit with Valve Plates

Systems with serial numbers before 10239 require this kit to bring system up to current configuration. Kit includes: valve plate, gasket, o-ring, two valve restraints, four flapper valves, two screws, piston sleeve, cup, and screw. Kit also includes complete rebuild kit instructions. Note: One rebuild kit is needed for each compressor head.


* Read the Technical Bulletin to determine which rebuild kit is necessary for your system.



Gas Guard and fuel treatment, 4 oz.


Corrosion X®

Corrosion X

Protects engine from rust and corrision, 6 oz.


Over Pressure Relief Valve

Over Pressure Relief Valve

Vents excess compressed air from system


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