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Brownie's Third Lung

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E-Reel Cube™ Tankless Hookah System

Brownies Third Lung E Reel Cube Tankless Diving System

E-Reel Cube™ is our newest in a full line of boat tankless diving solutions. This King Starboard® cube houses a Glendinning™ level-winding reel that easily deploys and recoils 150 feet of diver air hose. The unit is compact, fully portable and can be easily secured on the deck of almost any size boat using convenient tie-down points located on all sides. The E-Reel Cube™ can be powered by a variety of Brownie’s air compressors including high and low pressure systems and even scuba tanks. The E-Reel Cube™ combines the convenience of the Built-In Boat Diving System with the portability of the Floating Hookah units. It is compact, functional and easy-to-use for both pleasure and maintenance diving.

Totally portable hose management system can be supplied by all Brownie compressed air systems including Gas/Electric Powered Third Lungs or High-pressure Yacht-Pro compressors. The internal battery provides 20-30 complete recoils of the hose in between charges. It is recommended that the E-Reel Cube™ be stored near a power outlet (100-250 volts 50/60 Hz) when not in use for continuous maintenance of the battery (charger and battery included). The E-Reel Cube™ is entirely portable and designed to be placed on the deck of a tender or swim platform on a moment’s notice. The E-Reel Cube™ can also be permanently installed as pictured above.

* E-Reel Cube™ supply by Brownie Yacht-Pro compressors requires the addition of our HP/LP storage bottle and pressure reducing kit.

E-Reel in a Box Package Includes:

• King Starboard® cube with acrylic removable lid 
• Proprietary Glendinning™/Brownie level-winding reel
• Recoils 150 feet of diver air hose at the push of a button
• Integrated battery power supply with maintenance charger (50/60 Hz and 100-240 Volts compatible)


• 1 to 4 divers depending on selection of air supply
• Inflation of inflatable boats, fenders, tires, water trampoline and other toys
• Deck / Window dry-down
• Shop tool-air supply

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