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Brownie's Tankfill Systems

Dive Lockers- Mixed Gas Installations

Beyond recreational systems, commercial applications require state-of-the-art technology and performance. We are proud to have built the industry’s largest and smallest fill systems. From simple air to exotic blends, we will solve your gas production and handling challenges.

Mixed Gas Systems

Oxygen generators

Oxygen/Helium/Air Mix Systems

High Pressure Storage & Cascade System

Oxygen/Helium Boost Pumps

Oxygen Compressors


Oxygen & Helium Analyzers

Oxygen Alarm systems

Stainless steel cabinets, divelockers

Recompression Chambers

Triox (oxygen enriched air with helium) is the perfect breathing gas for use between 100 and 150fsw; Trimix (hypoxic Oxygen/Helium/Nitrogen mixes) is better suited for deeper exploration work. The added Helium at these moderate depths significantly reduces the insidious impairment of hyperbaric nitrogen (Nitrogen narcosis). Divers using Triox or Trimix will experience significantly better control, increased productivity, and come home with a more memorable experience.

Brownie's YachtDiver™ Custom Tank Rank
YachtDiver Custom Tank Ranks

Many dives result in stressful situations created by the shear confusion associated with nitrogen narcosis. The narcosis distracts from the original desire for adventure and subsequently curbs further diving. Helium also makes breathing much easier as a result of a much smaller molecule passing through your body's tissues. Helium, which is also far less soluble in your body's fatty tissue, is off-gassed 2.6 times faster than Nitrogen. Because your body can eliminate Helium much faster than Nitrogen, post dive fatigue is dramatically reduced with our prescribed mixtures. All successful explorations teams whether commercial, scientific, or recreational enthusiast use helium mixtures.

Custom Tank Rank w/ YachtPro™ Compressor
YachtDiver Custom Tank Ranks with YachtPro Compressor

As a company with decades of experience outfitting divers from recreational Brownie's/Hookah divers to the most aggressive exploration dive teams in the world, Brownie's Southport Divers can provide guidance on how to organize a more rewarding dive program. Diving on the face of the worlds 3rd reef line to 100-150 feet on a scooter as an organized group will inspire aquatic enthusiast into a whole new level of interest. Wreck diving is an entire new experience with the proper equipment and breathing gas. Nearly all diving activities are more efficient, fun and safe when you learn to make the switch from air to custom breathing gasses. All specialized breathing gasses require additional training beyond basic openwater Scuba certification. Brownie's strongly recommends Global Underwater Explorers as the leading expert in mixed gas and technical diving education.

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Custom Tank Rank Detail
YachtDiver Custom Tank Rank Detail