Dive Officer Training for Yacht Crew

Move Up to YachtDiver Divemaster, Instructor

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Become a YachtDiver divemaster or instructor using PADI and/or SDI and TDI dive instructions applied specifically to yachts. Boat in the yard? No problem, we have shore side facilities and our dedicated dive boat for training and instruction.

Move up to being a Dive Officer to oversee all dive operations and equipment. Learn the following:

  • PADI Divemaster Certification
  • PADI Instructor Certification
  • Optional Technical Diving through SDI and TDI
  • Instruct yacht guests for dive certification
  • Dive compressor maintenance
  • SCUBA gear inspection
  • Tankfill operations
  • Yacht guest guidance by Dive Officers
With YachtDiver's Dive Officer training become a more valued crew member or freelance Dive Officer. Contact Us to learn more about becoming a Diver Officer in yachting.

Move up to being a YachtDiver Dive Officer today!

YachtDiver's Dive Officer Training Boat
YachtDiver's Dive Officer Training Boat