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Variable Speed Electric Systems

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Variable Speed Electric Hookah System

Electric Powered VS335

3 Divers to 25-35 feet

Brownies third lung variable speed systems


Brownie's™ new eco-friendly variable speed units revolutionize hookah diving. (Patent Pending) The Brownie's Third Lung Variable Speed System (patent pending) provides a versatile, efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for all your diving needs. 

A variable speed controller adjusts the compressor speed to match diver demand for air, reducing its speed when the need is low, increasing it when the need is high. This results in a considerable energy savings over conventional fixed speed devices.

It can be powered by either an AC power pack when installed on your boat or used on land where electricity is available, or with "quick change" (no tools required) batteries for all-day diving with the floating system tube.

The electric motor means carrying gasoline to power the compressor is no longer necessary and environmental impact is reduced by eliminating the carbon emissions. Compared to all the gas powered units, the Brownie’s Variable Speed Systems produce about 40-50% less noise making these units even quieter than before.

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VS335XE Hookah Diving System

Brownies Third Lung VS 335 XE