Brownie's Third Lung Sea Lion™

Electric System Runs As Long As Gas

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New Sea Lion Third Lung Sea Lion™ Electric Hookah System

Sea Lion Third Lung

Lithium Ion Battery Powered

THREE HOURS PLUS!!! - Two divers to 65 ft., Three divers to 35 ft. and Four divers to 15-20 ft. (with add-a-diver kit)
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Brownies third lung Sea Lion


Brownie's™ new eco-friendly Sea Lion™ revolutionizes hookah diving. With on-demand air flow and battery power that equals a gas powered unit, Brownie's Sea Lion™ outlasts any other battery powered hookah system.

Using a Lithium Ion Battery the Sea Lion™ is more efficient allowing three hours plus dive time.

Brownies Sea Lion Hookah

Key Sea Lion™ Features

  • Maximum run time of over 3+ hours / minimum about 2
  • Easy swap lithium ion battery with spring loaded contacts – no plug connectors
  • Variable speed algorithm – runs based on diver demands, shuts off when not used
  • Maximum depth selector for higher efficiency modes
  • Battery level indicator
  • 58 lbs in pan without lid
  • 2 divers to 65 ft and 3 divers to 35 ft* and 4 dives to 15-20 ft* (with the purchase of the add-a-diver kit*) *See Chart Below
  • Dimensions: LxWxH in pan without lid = 24x16x13 in.

Sea Lion Chart

Max Depth Selector

Sea Lion Max Depth Selector

The dial at the top of the system allows you to select your maximum dive depth for a longer run time when used at a smaller depth setting. Choose between 15 , 25 and 65 feet. When the system is switched on, the compressor will pulse on startup to confirm which option has been selected.
One pulse: 15 feet        Two pulses: 25 feet    Three pulses: 65 feet

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Sea Lion™ Hookah Diving System