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Brownie's Third Lung

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VS Accessories

For your VS dive systems we offer a range of accesories ranging for the Add A Diver kits, to the Egressor package, to various parts or built in modules.

Variable Speed Diving System Accessories:

variable speed diving system battery pc925 Odysey Battery (Compact)

Extend your diving day with a spare set of batteries for your VS Floating Hookah system. VS Floating Hookah and VS1 Boat Hookah systems come with 2 PC925 batteries.
Battery - Compact - Click here to Request pricing and more Information

variable speed diving system battery and carry bag pc925wc Odyssey Battery Carry Bag

Batteries may not be big, but they can be cumbersome to carry. We make that job much easier with our custom Battery Carry Bag. Each bag includes a molded handle for comfort, padded reinforced walls for protection, and commercial-grade zipper and webbing for security. Each bag is sized perfectly to accommodate one Odyssey PC925 battery.
Battery Carry Bag - Click here to Request pricing and more Information

odyssey ultimizer battery charger ODYSSEY Ultimizer Battery Charger

Designed to recharge ODYSSEY batteries at the most efficient rate.Wired to charge up to 2 batteries simultaneously. Also performs as a maintenance charger - batteries can remain connected and "ON" without damage to batteries or charger.
ODYSSEY Ultimizer Battery Charger - Click here to Request pricing and more Information

battery pc1500 Odyssey Battery (Full Size)

Larger battery included in the VS2 Boat Hookah systems - 2 required per system.
Note:The PC1500 battery will NOT fit in the VS Floating Hookah system or the VS1 Boat Hookah system.
Battery - Full size - Click here to Request pricing and more Information

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