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Brownie's Tankfill Systems

Brownie's Tankfill Systems- Design & Engineering

Brownies Brownie's Tankfill Systems

2D & 3D Engineering

Today’s dive systems are an integrated part of the yacht itself; therefore, the best result may only be achieved if the plans for them are included during the beginning concept portion of the project.

To accomplish this, our staff reviews the basic diving goals provided by each customer and suggests an efficient, functional allocation of space for consideration during the “general arrangement” plan.

3 D Rendering of Dive Locker Room
3 D Rendering of Dive Locker Room

Actual Dive Locker Room
Actual Dive Locker Room

After basic spaces are marked for Ship’s Air, dive systems and support, we produce a 3D rendering depicting the placement of essential items. The primary objectives of this phase are feasibility, ergonomics and appearance. Once completed the 2D mechanical drawings are then provided to the builder so they may supply the necessary electrical, cooling and foundation resources. Meanwhile, Brownie’s produces and tests the equipment.  Upon completion, shipment and installation activities are coordinated with the builder. On custom projects a Brownie’s representative can be made available for start-up, use and maintenance training.

Our services include general component placement, tank racks & storage, dive locker design, electric and plumbing routing, ergonomic review and more.

The combined talents at Brownie’s provide the resources and experience necessary to design, engineer and produce the goal-specified dive system. Whether a basic tankfill system, built-in hookah or a full dive locker complete with nitrox, mixed gas and recompression chamber support are desired, a design package will ensure a reliable, anticipated and satisfactory outcome.

Make sure your diving system is designed by diving experts. The experts at Brownie's YachtDiver™.

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