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Brownie's Tankfill Systems

Brownie's Nitrox Commercial Series

Nitrox Commercial Series

Complete, Turn-Key, BAUER Approved and
Integrated Fill Stations- See the individual NitroxMaker™ Models below

You can produce nitrox NOW!

Brownie’s NM-CS models:
Are an instant upgrade to high-pressure compressor systems
Are designed and built for commercial applications

Produce nitrox mixtures without the special handling requirements of pure O2
Feature Brownie’s proprietary Cool–Temp membrane technology

• Does not require heating to achieve performance
• Produces nitrox mixtures at outlet temperature below 95°F
• Fast, stable production at start up – no need to let the system “warm up”

Are endorsed by BAUER USA as completely compatible with BAUER compressors
(will not affect the BAUER compressor warranty)
Are sized to mate with the most popular commercial HP compressors
(7.5hp to 30hp, and higher)
Are produced as single piece component for easy transportation and installation
Include dual gas analyzers to monitor the nitrox mix at 2 locations: leaving the
NM-CS system and downstream of the high-pressure compressor

Nitroxmaker Models NitroxMaker™ Commercial Series (NM-CS)

Brownie’s NitroxMaker™ Commercial Series (NM-CS) systems are designed to be completely modular and extremely robust. The NM-CS line incorporates a Kaeser Rotary Screw Low-Pressure Compressor/Refrigerated Dryer/Accumulator Tank/Purification System rated for 24/7/365 service with annual maintenance schedule. The NitroxMaker™ system is integrated into the Kaeser package for simple “modular” addition to conventional high pressure breathing air systems. Essentially the NM-CS is an instant upgrade to most dive store and dive boat operations and comes complete as a single unit.

There is a long string of very unique benefits and features that the NitroxMaker™ Commercial Series offer, so be sure you read about them: NitroxMaker Features

Commercial NitroxMaker™ Models





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