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Brownie's Tankfill Systems

Brownie's Tankfill Systems- Yacht Pro™ Light Duty Compressors

YP25/35 Light Duty Installed
YP 25 Light Duty Installed
Our smallest and most affordable fully automated HP compressors

YP25/YP35 Compressors

The Light Duty YachtPro™ compressors are designed to support groups of 2-4 divers for recreational use, filling up to four tanks simultaneously. These compressors offer small boat owners all the convenience and automated performance of our larger compressor systems, but in a very compact package. Simply attach the tanks, start the compressor and come back later to tanks that are precisely filled and ready to go.
YP25 now available in 115vac configuration

Yacht Pro™ YP35 Compressor
Front View Yacht Pro Compressor

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YachtPro™ 25 SPECS

Displacement (cfm): 3.2 FAD; 3.9 Charge Rate (on230vac service)

Fill Time*: 22 minutes on 230v, 60hz; 30 min on 110v, 60hz

Max Pressure: 5,000 psi

Base/Frame: Brushed Stainless Steel

Fittings: Swagelok® Stainless Steel

Electric Motor: 2hp TEFC

Electric Controls: Digital Frequency Drive

Hour Meter: Standard

Compatible Incoming Power, Standard Configuration: 100-130vac, 60hz, 1ph or 208-230vac, 50/60hz, 1ph

Max Amp Draw (including Start-Up): <23.0 on 115v, 60Hz, 1ph, <16.0 on 230v, 60Hz, 1ph

Minimum Gen Set: 3.5kw, 120vac, 1ph, 60hz; 3.8kw, 230vac, 1ph, 60hz

BTU/HR: 5,576

Compressor Lubrication: Splash Lubricated

Oil Pressure Switch: n/a

Duty Cycle: 2 hours (45 min rest between cycles)

Condensate Drain System: Automatic

Automatic Shutdown: Solid State Pressure Switch

Filtration: 3,200 cuft @ 68°F

Temperature Switch: Standard

CO/Moisture Alert: Optional

Fill Assembly: Single 6ft fill whip

* Based on recharging a single 80 cu.ft. tank from 500 to 3000 psig

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