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Brownie's Tankfill Systems

Brownie's Tankfill Systems- YachtPro™ ESSENTIAL Compressor

YachtPro™ ESSENTAIL Dive Compressor
Yacht Pro Essentials Dive Compressor

Model YachtPro™ ESSENTAIL

Brownie’s YachtPro™ Essential is the optimal compressor for refilling scuba tanks, SCBA bottles, and providing air for breathing air applications in a marine environment. The YachtPro™ Essential compressor is fully automated and optimized specifically for use on boats. The operator only needs to connect the scuba tanks to be refilled and turn the system on. It's really that simple.

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YachtPro™ Essential includes all of the “add-ons” and technical support you need for perfect onboard tank filling capability.



Reduces the load on the boats power system to an absolute minimum. Traditional compressor motor start-stop systems tax the electrical system by 500% on each start-stop cycle. The VFD also harmonizes the electrical frequency (50/60Hz) and voltages allowing a much greater range of input frequency and voltages without the need for power converters and soft-start systems.



Includes a digitally adjustable pressure switch and when combined with the Automatic Filtration Drain System allows the system to be remotely mounted in a machinery space. The Essential will turn on and off automatically upon command from the pressure switch allowing wire-free control and remote filling of tanks on demand.



As well as Over-molded 3-meter “all-in-one” marine grade pin-connector wire harness allow for simple installation. The sealed motor and VFD eliminate unwanted open spark sources onboard, a material fact that your surveyor and insurance company will appreciate as much as your family.



Leverage the automatic features of the ESSENTIAL. Connect up to four tanks at a time and carry-on enjoying the day.

Longest Run-Time  ·  Unmatched Technology
Unsurpassed Value

Longer Work Cycles – 7-hours continuous, more than double our previous compact systems and up to 4x that of competitors.

This remarkable improvement is the result of integrating the most modern engineering methods including CAD simulations, advanced material selection and state of the art manufacturing capabilities to deliver a commercial duty compressor in a compact footprint with all the appropriate ESSENTIALS included for the unique application becoming a YachtPro diver.

Co-axial Suction & Pressure Valves

A single valve per cylinder optimized in the flow center of the head instead of two offset to opposite sides of the head. Valve lifetime is 2000-4000 hours before servicing. Fewer valves means lower cost of ownership and faster servicing.

Hardened Cylinder Liners

Designed for a very long lifetime, with almost no wear from piston rings, will ensure minimal blowby and longer operational lifetime.

Steel Piston Rings in All Stages

Made from non-corrosive steel, have increased lifetime (6,000-8,000 hours), reduced oil consumption, reduced blow by, and eliminate water in the crankcase—resulting in a more efficient and effective way to compress air for years to come.

Pressure Maintaining Valve

Strategically placed to maintain constant high-pressure in the final purification cartridge to eliminate low pressure air running through the filter and carrying unwanted moisture. Without this valve, the replaceable filter cartridge is reduced by up to 60% or more.

High Efficiency Cooling Systems

Produce compressed air at 5-10 degrees Celsius above ambient air temperature. Compare this to 15+ degrees from our competitors. This increases both the compressor’s mechanical lifetime and filter cartridge lifetime by removing the vast majority of moisture from the air mechanically.

Condensate Stop Valve

Modern programmable solid-state condensate system reduces the amount of air lost during condensate purge leading to more efficient air production with faster fill times.

Additional, Extra-Small, Molecular Sieve in the Filter Cartridges

Allows up to 50% longer filter lifetimes than comparable manufacturers.

Comprehensive Installation Assistance, Operational Training, Support & On-line Owners Manual

Brownie’s YACHTPRO technical staff has installed some of the most complex dive systems around the globe and is accustomed to efficiently collaborating with boat builders, dive operators, and exploration companies of all types and sizes.

Brownie’s 3-decades of collaboration with yacht owners, boat builders and working in the exploration field as users of our own equipment contribute to shaping the ESSENTIAL destined to become the standard of the boat builder industry. Brownie’s YACHTPRO ESSENTIAL is available to the end-user, dealer and OEM boat manufacturer.

YachtPro™ Essential Specifications

Capacity: 100l/min or 3.5cfm Free Air Delivery
Working Pressure: 220 bar/3,200 PSI
RPM: 2,300
Media: Air, Nitrox (Up to 40%)
Compressor Design: 3 Stage/Cylinder Air-Cooled Piston Compressor
Power Supply: 3 HP Electric Motor
Lubrication: Splash Oil- Full Synthetic Compressor Oil
Oil Capacity: 0.5 Liter
Operating Temperature: 45°F - 110°F
Dimensions: 670 x 400 x 400 mm / 26" x 16" x 17"
Weight: 43 Kg / 95 lbs
Noise Level:  
Weight: 82 dBA
Feature Advantages:  Automatic condensate drain, automatic stop at final filling pressure, control box with on/off switch and hour meter
Stainless steel frame
Carry handles
Non-Corrosive Steel Piston Rings
7+ hour run time
Dual Fill hoses w/ DIN 200 and Yoke fill valves w/ pressure gauge
Water separators after the 2nd and 3rd stage
Painted Compressor Block
Safety valves after each stage

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