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Stationary Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric Chamber Interior Unique Features of the Brownie's™/ YachtDiver Chamber
* Stainless plumbing throughout both on the high pressure feed and low pressure side.
* Stainless port holes and manways.
* Stainless Undercarriage skirt where the chamber meets the deck.
* Stainless gas control manifold and control panel.
* Stainless chilled water air-conditioning unit with stainless brush-less DC fans.
* Helium compatible for use in decompressing divers beyond 100 foot depths.
* Engineering interfacing between the leaders in commercial diving (Amron), exploration diving (Global Underwater Explorers), record holding rebreather designers (Halcyon™) and fill system development and installation (Brownie's Tankfill™), all coordinated by Yacht-Diver designer Robert M. Carmichael.

Our Chambers are manufactured in accordance with ASME Sec. VIII Div.1, A86, ANSI/ASME-PVHO -1a-1990 “Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy” codes. All subsystems, components and ancillary support systems are designed using the highest Hyperbaric and Human Engineering Standards, National Fire Protection Standards, and Hyperbaric Safety Standards.

YACHTDIVER Double Lock Chamber Standard features include:Chamber Window
* Control Cover
* All Stainless Piping and Valves
* Air Supply & Exhaust System
* Outside Controls
* Oxygen Supply Plumbing
* Depth Gauge System for each lock
* "EASY" Talk Back Speaker with Sound Powered Phone for each lock
* "EASY" Electrical Junction Box and Sound Powered phone for operator.
* Inner Lock

54" DLC Specifications
* Design Pressure - 135 PSIG (303 FSW)
* Hydrostatic Test Pressure - 203 PSIG
* Shell - SA-516/GR70
* Steel Deck Plates - Stainless steel
* Skid - I-Beam with lifting eyes and fork lift slots
* View Ports - Four (4) 10"Dia. (8" viewing)
* Penetrators - 26 each, 6000# 316L Stainless Steel with equalization penetrator between locks
* Manways - Two (2) each, 30" Dia., O-ring sealed, double pivoting hinge, self aligning with "strongback" locking mechanism
* Paint - Sandblasted to white metal, primed with inorganic zinc inside and outside. Two coats Epoxy inside and outside with 1 topcoat of polyurethane.
* Color - White Dimensions * Inner Lock - 5 ft. 4 in., Dia. x 9 ft. length
* Outer Lock - 5 ft. 4 in., Dia. x 4 ft. length
* Overall Length - 12 ft. 4 in.
* Overall Width - 56 in.
* Height - 72 in.

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