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Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Built for quick deployment, this innovative first aid life-support equipment is designed and built to meet the most stringent national and international standards and incorporates modern composite materials to their best advantage.

Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

It is quick to assemble - and easy to use. It may be used at a remote incident site, during transportation to, or in the comfort of a hospital, where full medical support is available.

Chamber in Use It is built to ASME PVHO-1, Lloyds Register, ISO 9001/2000 National Standards, is US DoD Certified and is CE marked. It has significant military, civilian, commercial, scientific, medical and sports applications.

The Hyperlite hyperbaric stretcher is a folding portable pressure vessel suitable for treatment and when necessary, the transportation of a person under pressure. It provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) to the patient wearing an ‘on demand’ breathing mask or hood. Having a hyperbaric stretcher at an accident or emergency site enables a casualty requiring HBO to be treated immediately.

The importance of immediate treatment, especially in diving accidents, cannot be over emphasized. Delay in treatment greatly reduces the likelihood of full resolution. Due to the lightness and portability of the Hyperlite hyperbaric stretcher, it is almost always possible to have a unit on site, wherever one may be.

It is rigid when inflated, but when not in use, can be packed away in two compact containers that are easy to carry.

The SOS HYPERLITE Emergency Evacuation
Hyperbaric Stretcher and Treatment Sysytem

Chamber End View The SOS HYPERLITE Emergency Evacuation Hyperbaric Stretcher and Treatment System is truly innovative quick deployment first aid medical equipment with three specific areas of application.

These are:
* For the treatment of divers, tunnellers, submariners, mountaineers, pilots and astronauts suffering from pressure related accidents.
* For Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) in the treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation, air and gas embolism, acute blood loss (anaemia), gas gangrene, crush injuries and many other important indications.
* For Transfer Under Pressure (TUP), of patients being treated for the above conditions and for transfer to and from pressurized environments such as submarines, hyperbaric chambers, tunnels and air ambulances (rotary and/or fixed wing) - where the problem of being subjected to ambient pressure may be life threatening. The Hyperlite is a user friendly system easily carried from one site to another, where full hands-on medical care is available.

Hyperlite Specifications
Chamber Tube Fold The Hyperlite works in exactly the same way as a hyperbaric chamber, by providing 100% oxygen through a built-in breathing system (BIBS) mask on demand, while the body is pressurized in air at above ambient pressure.

The equipment is suitable for use almost anywhere. It may be used in hospitals, wound care centers, multi-disciplinary or specialty maintenance clinics and on the move in aircraft, helicopters, boats, submarines, ambulances and road vehicles.

Injured or sick patients may be transferred into and out of the unit using a cotton drag mattress with pillow and retaining straps. Full monitoring is possible, as is patient ventilation under medical supervision.

Made from fire retardant materials with low fire, smoke and toxicity properties, the Hyperlite is non-magnetic, is unaffected by U-V radiation and is even suitable for radiographic diagnosis and radiotherapy treatment.

Being the product of the latest computer aided design and manufacturing techniques, the system incorporates advanced composite materials in such a way as to combine incredible strength with high flexibility; a vessel that will withstand six times its working pressure when tested to destruction and yet be stored in a box that is only one quarter of its operational length.

Integrated into both ends of the para-aramid fiber and silicone rubber tube are reinforced flexible seals, which retain the two large diameter end windows, once the patient is inside. These windows provide good internal lighting, giving the operator excellent visual monitoring at all times and offering a comforting sense of spaciousness to the patient. When not in use, the parts of the Hyperlite can be folded away into two compact protection cases, each of which can be carried by two people.

The Hyperlite is truly portable, in contrast to hyperbaric chambers usually made from aluminum or steel, where size and weight make even transport a significant problem. The entire unit is self-sealing and becomes totally rigid even with minimal pressure. Being so small, the Hyperlite passes directly through the open door of any larger traditional type therapy chamber to guarantee transfer under pressure, without the requirement for a lock-on flange.

Chamber Boxes For the operator, the Hyperlite is extremely easy to assemble, there are few connections and to avoid error, each coupling is different. Apart from the standard two-way intercom. there are just three controls, two to adjust the pressure in the unit and one to change the breathing gas supply to the patient’s built-in breathing system (BIBS) with overboard dump. The Hyperlite is the only unit of its kind built to the demanding BS EN ISO 13485:2003 Quality Standard, approved for construction under the UK Lloyd’s Register ‘Rules and Regulations for the Construction and Classification of Submersibles and Underwater Systems’. It is also fully compliant with both the US National Standard, ASME PVHO-1 ‘Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy’ and the Canadian Standard Association’s standard Z275.1-05 ‘Hyperbaric Facilities’.

That is why the Hyperlite is setting the standard in hyperbaric stretchers and treatment systems for the Military, Coast Guard, Commercial Diving Contractors, Dive Resorts, Luxury Yachts, Live Aboards, Emergency Medical Services, Air Ambulances, and by Medical Establishments all over the world. The Hyperlite is cost effective with unprecedented versatility. It combines great strength, lightness, flexibility and portability and has been developed for the sole purpose of preserving life and limb.

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