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U-Boat Worx Super Sub- Exceeding Expectations.

Read on for U-Boat Worx Super Sub progress report and news. The Super Sub is exceeding expectations in development. Contact Us for more Super Sub info.

U-Boat Worx Super Sub
U-Boat Worx Super Sub in Development

The new Super Sub by U-Boat Worx is exceeding expectations in the design and development stage. The first Super Sub will be delivered Spring of 2023. Read on to find all the great features found in this 8 knot plus Super Sub!

Super Sub by U-Boat Worx
Super Sub by U-Boat Worx

The innovative design of the Super Sub has 4 thrusters for faster speed and handling allowing for steeper dives, climbs and turns. Super Sub uses hydrofoils for better maneuverability.

Super Sub Design
Super Sub Offers Innovative Design

Super Sub by U-Boat Worx will dive to 300 meters in comfort with a near 360 degree view provided by the forward observation bubble being unimpeded by equipment now stored aft of the bubble in this new design.

Super Sub Control System
Super Sub Control System

The new Super Sub control system uses the trim weight control system with the hydrofoils in unison for the best possible performance.

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