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Medical Kits Training for Yachts

Global MedKit: Cat A and Cat B
Global Medical Kit

As a first responder, you need to provide assistance quickly and accurately. Having a clinically and logically assembled medical kit to assist you is imperative in emergency situations.

The standard in onboard care, the MedAire Global MedKit, includes equipment and medications for responding to common medical concerns and life threatening incidents.

The MedAire Global MedKit is available for crew sizes of 10 – 40.

First Responder - Contains the supplies necessary to stabilize an injured person. As a grab and go kit, it is meant as your first line of defense for treating the full range of likely emergencies. The kit is organized with color-coded, see-through window pouches for quick selection of appropriate items. For anyone trained in first aid, this kit is a true confidence builder.*

It has been redesigned to include more of the items needed for immediate assessment of patients while at sea. Still within this kit are the lifesaving Rx medications, an Epi-pen .3mg auto-injector, Albuterol Inhaler, & the Nitroglycerin tabs. In addition, this kit is a required first component of any other kit from MedLink. This kit is perfect to add onto your tenders.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a small, portable device to assist someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. AED includes unit, case, pediatric key, an extra battery, and an extra set of pads. The prep kit includes gloves, razor, trauma scissors, and CPR pocket mask.

In order to deliver the best chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest a shock should be delivered within 5 minutes. For this reason alone basic defibrillation capability onboard should be regarded as essential.

The Heartstart MRx with Q-CPR Technology unit should be considered as an addition to the Heartstart FRx. Advanced cardiac treatments include defibrillation, pacing / syncing, and clinical therapeutic support for the Tempus IC unit.

Pediatric Kit

The Oxygen Compressor Unit allows for your oxygen cylinders to be filled onboard utilizing our unique cylinder filling adaptor.

Tempus IC

Tempus IC kit

Tender MedKit is recommended for each tender. Packaged in a Pelican Case and designed to deal with most minor to moderate short term issues whilst away from the vessel.

Tender Oxygen Kit

Tender Oxygen kits