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Yacht Water Slides Explorer Dive Charters
Brownie's YachtDiver is pleased to announce that BYD is an agent for "Baseline Explorer", a deluxe dive mothership with twin submarines and top quality dive gear, cameras and more for a unique experience.
Explorer Dive Charters info
Yacht Water Slides Yacht Water Slides
Brownie's YachtDiver is pleased to announce that their ever popular Yacht Water Slides are now available up to 12M without a support leg for less weight and ease of handling.
Yacht Water Slides info
SubHEX Drones SubHEX Drones
Brownie's YachtDiver announces dealership in Florida and the Caribbean for waterproof Drones perfect for marine use.
SubHEX Drones info
SubHEX Drones Press Release- SubHEX Drones
seaHEX announces Brownie's YachtDiver as distributor and dealership in Florida and the Caribbean for seaHEX Drones.
SubHEX Drones info
Submarine Pilot Courses Submersible Pilot Courses
Brownie's YachtDiver announces U-Boat Worx with Waterproof Expeditions is offering Submarine Pilot Courses for the public. Submersible Pilot Courses info
Shearwater Dive Computers Dealership Shearwater Dive Computers Dealership
Brownie's YachtDiver is proud to announce a new dealership for Shearwater Dive Computers. These Dive Computers are the best quality and yet easiest to use Dive Computers on the planet! Shearwater Dive Computers Dealership info
SubSea Explorers Mediterranean Submarine Trips SubSea Explorers Mediterranean Submarine Trips
SubSea Explorers using a U-Boat Worx submarine is offering submarine exploration trips in the eastern Mediterranean to see Greek and Roman shipwrecks, artifacts, etc. More Mediterranean Submarine Trips
hollis dive gear and hollis rebreathers
Hollis Dive Gear and Hollis Rebreathers
Brownie's YachtDiver introduced their new line of Hollis Dive Gear featuring the Hollis Rebreathers at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Click here for Hollis Rebreather photos and video.

FreeStyle Slides Debuts World's Tallest Inflatable Water Slide!
FreeStyle Slides debuted their latest installation at the Yacht Club de Monaco, the tallest inflatable water slide in the world. Click here to see where you can visit FreeStyle Slides at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.
custom water toys docks
Inflatable Water Toys Dock for Yachts
Brownie's YachtDiver is offering custom inflatable docks for Jet-Skis and Seabobs. Click here for photos and more information about our Custom Water Toys Docks.
stand-up paddleboard tours, rentals and lessons
Brownie's Stand Up Paddleboards Tours, SUP Rentals and Lessons
Our certified instructors make paddleboarding safe and fun on the water from our central Fort Lauderdale, Florida location. Our instructors are eco sensitive as well as professional. Click here to learn more about our Paddleboard Tours.

seabob logo Seabob F5 And F7 Models
The new Seabob scooters have been released and we are pleased to present these new improved models. Seabob is now smaller, lighter in weight and performs more easily. Click here for more about the Seabob F5 and F7 Models

bladefish new models
New Bladefish Models
Brownie's YachtDiver will have the new models of the popular Bladefish DPV scooters coming out January of 2014. Click here for details on the new Bladefish DPV Scooter Models.
water slides for yachts
Water Slides for Yachts
Brownie's YachtDiver offers FreeStyle Slides for the best in quality Water Slides for yachts. These durable fun for all toys come with all you need to assemble your custom water slide complete with your yacht logo on the side! Click here for more about water slides for yachts
water board thumb Brownies YachtDiver Introduces new Sea Pools and Board Ramps for Yachts
Brownie's YachtDiver is proud to introduce new products; Critter Free Pools and ramps for water boards. These large inflatable pools are great for comfort of mind. The weighted net under the pool keeps critter out and the pool keeps people in safe from being carried away by current or wave action. Click here for more info about Sea Pools and Board Ramps for Yachts

Past News and Events

Palm Beach Boat Show Palm Beach Boat Show 2015
Brownie's YachtDiver and Brownie's Palm Beach Divers were at the 2015 Palm Beach Boat Show March 26-29, 2015 at their centrally located booth, numbers 826 & 827, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Thank you for coming to see the great dive gear, new products and water toys. More Palm Beach Boat Show info, pics and movies
2015 Miami Boat Show Miami Boat Show 2015
Brownie's YachtDiver will be at the 2015 Miami Boat Show February 12-16, 2015 in their newly expanded and huge booth, number 3691, in Miami Beach, Florida at the Convention Center. Come see all your favorite scuba equipment, new products and water toys. More Miami Boat Show info, pics and movies

Stuart boat show logo Stuart Boat Show 2015 - Treasure Coast
Brownie's YachtDiver was at the 41st annual Stuart Boat Show, booth numbers 103 and 104, in Stuart, Florida represented by the Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale stores for all your favorite scuba equipment, Brownie's Third Lung, Pauhana SUP's, dive scooters and other great diving gear. Click here for the Stuart Boat Show

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