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Medical Kits Training fior Yachts

Global MedKit: Cat A and Cat B
Global Medical Kit
As a first responder, you need to provide assistance quickly and accurately. Having a clinically and logically assembled medical kit to assist you is imperative in emergency situations.

The standard in onboard care, the MedAire Global MedKit, includes equipment and medications for responding to common medical concerns and life threatening incidents.

The MedAire Global MedKit is available for crew sizes of 10 – 40.

First Responder Kit 5.0

medlink first responder
First Responder - Contains the supplies necessary to stabilize an injured person. As a grab and go kit, it is meant as your first line of defense for treating the full range of likely emergencies. The kit is organized with color-coded, see-through window pouches for quick selection of appropriate items. For anyone trained in first aid, this kit is a true confidence builder.*

It has been redesigned to include more of the items needed for immediate assessment of patients while at sea. Still within this kit are the lifesaving Rx medications, an Epi-pen .3mg auto-injector, Albuterol Inhaler, & the Nitroglycerin tabs. In addition, this kit is a required first component of any other kit from MedLink. This kit is perfect to add onto your tenders.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a small, portable device to assist someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. AED includes unit, case, pediatric key, an extra battery, and an extra set of pads. The prep kit includes gloves, razor, trauma scissors, and CPR pocket mask.

In order to deliver the best chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest a shock should be delivered within 5 minutes. For this reason alone basic defibrillation capability onboard should be regarded as essential.

AED & Prep Kit: Heartstart FRx

Heartstart medical kit

The Heartstart MRx with Q-CPR Technology unit should be considered as an addition to the Heartstart FRx. Advanced cardiac treatments include defibrillation, pacing / syncing, and clinical therapeutic support for the Tempus IC unit.
Heartstart MRx with Q-CPR Technology

Heart Start Additional Kit

Pediatric Kit

As a supplement to the First Responder Kit, the Pediatric Kit contents provide milder and lower-dosage medications that address the unique medical needs of those under age 12.

Since adult doses are unsafe for children, you’ll have access to specific antibiotics, fluids and pain relievers to manage daily events or emergencies.

* * Please note the kit described above does not include prescription items. Prescription items are available for purchase with a subscription to Medlink.

Oxygen Concentrator Compressor Unit
Oxygen concentration kit


The Oxygen Compressor Unit allows for your oxygen cylinders to be filled onboard utilizing our unique cylinder filling adaptor.

The Tempus IC Remote Diagnostics System is fully supported by your Medlink mebership. As a result the Medical Team not only have very accurate clinical data on the patient but also up to the minute status of exactly what supplies are held on board through an interface with the medical management system (MMS).

Parameters include; BP, 12 Lead ECG, O2 and CO2, Blood Glucose, Pulse, Temperature, Respirations via live feed Data, Video and Voice communications.

Given the increasing use of this hardware and the significant clinical benefits it delivers it is strongly recommended for all Yachts.
Tempus IC
Tempus IC kit

Tender MedKit

Tender Medical kits
Tender MedKit is recommended for each tender. Packaged in a Pelican Case and designed to deal with most minor to moderate short term issues whilst away from the vessel.

Tender Oxygen Kit
Tender Oxygen kits
Tender OxyKit is ideal for day trips, tenders, and some yachts. Packed in a custom-made dry bag. For immediate treatment of dive injury (at the dive site) and / or emergency treatment away from the main vessel.

    MedLink Kit Refurbishment Program
    The Best Solution to Keep Your Medical Supplies Current

    Kit Refurbishment Process
    When your vessel is docked in a United States port, simply return the medical kit to MedLink, where the contents will be replaced and returned to you within 5 business days of receipt at the refurbishment facility.

    The refurbishment process includes:
    * Complete reconditioning of the kit
    * Replacement of utilized, missing or damaged supplies
    * Replacement of contents that are expired or will expire within 12 months
    * Replacement of missing or damaged components (including bag)
    * Updated content card and exterior tag displaying the kit serial number and expiration date

    MedLink is an industry leader in remote medical equipment, education and expertise, and recognizes the importance of regular medical kit maintenance. When you send your kit back to MedLink for refurbishment you can be confident that your kit will be up to the latest industry standards.

    MedLink’s Refurbishment Program Covers
    * First Responder Kit
    * Advanced Medical Kit
    * Ship’s Medicine Chest
    * Maritime Upgrade Kit
    * Ship to Shore Kit

    Download additional information on the Medical Supplies Refurbishment Program.

24-Hour Medical Support MedLink Global Response Center
Should illness or injury strike at sea or anywhere in the world, MedLink provides vessels with immediate 24/7 access to emergency care physicians.

MedLink provides remote, expert help to people who are in the midst of medical emergencies. Calls come into the MedLink Global Response Center by satellite transmission, telephone, radio and other means from all over the world, 24 hours-a-day.

Medical advice is provided on the spot by one of MedLink’s board-certified emergency care physicians. From years of experience in handling thousands of emergency calls, MedLink’s physicians are uniquely qualified in remote diagnosis and in directing non-medically skilled people to provide aid. They understand the constraints caused by different types of environments and are specially trained for dealing with the ramifications of treating illnesses and injuries at sea.

Calls to the MedLink Global Response Center are initially taken by medically trained Communication Specialists who are on
duty 24-hours-a-day. As they begin to collect information one of MedLink's physicians will join the call.

In the event of a medical emergency, the MedLink physician will guide the captain to the closest and best equipped medical facility. In such situations, MedLink utilizes its exclusive and proprietary medical resource database that provides information on ports, medical facilities and emergency response resources in more than 5,000 cities worldwide. This ensures the vessel goes to sites that have the needed resources to help a patient.

MedLink will coordinate the emergency ground transportation as well as the patient’s admission into the most appropriate medical facility. MedLink will be in continuous contact with the admitting medical facility until the patient is officially discharged.

The MedLink Global Response Center is located right within the emergency medical complex of Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, a Level I Trauma Center. This gives MedLink physicians immediate access to specialists in more than 45 different fields of medicine and poison control center. The Center itself is equipped with the latest in computer and communications technology. All systems are 100 percent secure with complete redundancy in the event of a system or system component failure.

Direct access to board-certified emergency care physicians.
* 24/7 access, from anywhere in the world.
* DataLink, an exclusive database with information on hospitals, ground and air ambulance services, and other medical resources at destinations and cities around the world.
* Consultation for immunization and vaccination requirements.
* Referrals to nearby qualified medical facilities and access to a worldwide physician network.
* Worldwide health advisories based on published data from various sources, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. StateDepartment and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Download additional information on MedLink Global Response Center.

Download information on MedLink for Yachts.


Medical Training for Yacht Crew

MedAire offers a variety of training courses designed to give crews the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and manage illness and injury in remote settings.

MedAire provides training programs specific to the maritime industry as well as more general applications. This advanced training is designed to give captains and crewmembers the knowledge and skills to recognize and manage medical emergencies while operating in the challenging offshore environment.

Emphasis on patient assessment skills and hands-on instruction for invasive procedures are the focus of our training foundation. Additionally, the courses focus on maritime-specific medical issues and address those illnesses and injuries frequently encountered onboard. MedAire instructors include critical care nurses, emergency medicine nurse practitioners and surgical physician assistants all versed and experienced in the unique challenges facing caregivers in the maritime environment.

Training Programs Include:

Web-based Medical Training
Save time and learning on your own pace by taking a MedAire training program online. Call for more information.

Management of Onboard Illness and Injury Training
Our signature three-day maritime course teaches assessment and treatment skills for a wide range of medical and trauma situations. This will include American Heart Association certification in CPR and hands-on practice with a number of invasive procedures including wound management, intravenous fluids and medications, intra-muscular injections and more. Management of orthopedic and soft tissue emergencies is covered in detail. In addition, the instructors will review the vessel's medical supplies with the crew and ensure that everyone is familiar with the variety of equipment and medications in the inventory.

Automatic External Defibrillator Training
MedAire is leading both the maritime and aviation industries in championing the cause of implementing automatic external defibrillators (AEDs). MedAire clients are taught how to respond effectively to cardiac arrest victims using AED equipment. To give the vessel crews confidence and realistic scenarios, the hands-on portion of the training occurs in the environment in which the AED may be used.

MCA Approved Courses
MCA 8 hour - Competency in Elementary First Aid
MCA 21 hour - Proficiency in Medical First Aid

STCW Compliant Medical Courses
STCW 8 hour - Competency in Elementary First Aid
STCW 21 hour - Proficiency in Medical First Aid


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