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Please see the Hollis and Halcyon Rebeathers for recreational diving by clicking the logos below. Contact Us for more info, rebreather training and to purchase.

Halcyon Rebreathers

Halcyon Rebreathers

Hollis Rebreathers

Hollis Rebreathers

Scuba Rebreathers are an advancement in scuba diving technology deriving from outer space technology development. The ability to breathe long term in a hostile environment such as deep space has been adopted to the marine world. With proper training a scuba diver can take advantage of rebreather technology for a variety of benefits:

  • Longer dive times
  • Bubbleless diving for less visual and audible alarm to marine life
  • Shorter decompression periods
  • Great opportunity for underwater photography both still and video when interacting with fish and other marine life

The negatives of rebreather use are easily dealt with and well worth the effort.

You MUST have training specific to rebreather diving, safety and technology. Brownie's YachtDiver's training professionals are standing by for your rebreather training. Knowing how to plan, maintain your equipment and all safety procedures are just as important as the actual methods used for rebreather diving.

An escape canister allows you peace of mind for when the rare times rebreather equipment fails. Having enough air to safely reach the surface is part of your safety routine.

Planning a rebreather dive includes proper gas mixtures, preparation of your equipment, length and scope of the dive, ascent time and after dive maintenance for safe rebreather diving.

Specialized tables for decompression offer an exact time table for a safe dive.

Your dive buddy whether a "bubble" diver or a rebreather diver like yourself is required to know the special needs associated with rebreather diving to aid the rebreather diver.

Rebreather diving was originally developed for military and offshore industry use to maximise dive time and depth as well as to avoid detection when used by the military. Now these technologies are available to the avid diver for more dive time and as a less intrusive way to observe and film marine life. You can have the new freedom of rebreather diving for yourself.

Brownie's YachtDiver has two manufacturers of rebreather equipment for your use: Halcyon Rebreather and Hollis Rebreather. Contact Us for more information and to order your rebreather dive gear.

Hollis Rebreather in Action