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U-Boat Worx Launches 9-person Luxury Submarine

U-Boat Worx produces new 9-person luxury submarine. See images, video of new submarine NEXUS.

U-Boat Worx launches 9-person Luxury Submarine NEXUS
U-Boat Worx launches 9-person Luxury Submarine NEXUS

Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx breaks the mould with the launch of the NEXUS series. The NEXUS series comprises two models featuring an ultra-large elliptical acrylic pressure hull with unrivalled passenger comfort. Seating up to eight passengers and one pilot, the NEXUS provides 25% more interior space than competing models. The NEXUS subs are depth-rated to 200 meters (650 feet).

Submarine Essentials- Clearest View

Equipped with the latest lithium-ion battery technology, the NEXUS subs can operate for up to 18 hours and dive up to ten times a day. A total of 80 guests can participate in an unforgettable sub-sea adventure daily.

U-Boat Worx is the market leader in private and commercial submersibles. Since 2017 the company has sold more than 20 of its highly successful Cruise Subs to private operators, resorts, and cruise lines.

U-Boat Worx 9-person Luxury Submarine NEXUS Front View
U-Boat Worx 9-person Luxury Sub NEXUS Front View

The unique revolving seating arrangement featured in the Cruise Subs has been replicated in the NEXUS. Passengers therefore always enjoy the best view, regardless of the direction the submarine is travelling. The NEXUS subs are designed as multi-directional, meaning they can manoeuvre in any direction without compromise. This is a distinguishing capability only achieved in U-Boat Worx submersibles. Ten silent thrusters provide the power required for top performance and unmatched speed.

The experience and knowledge gained from the development of the Cruise Subs has evolved the new features in the NEXUS series, including an XXL entrance hatch – the largest ever incorporated on a submersible of this size. For passengers of all ages, the entire boarding process has been streamlined, in keeping with U-Boat Worx’s vision that everyone should be able to experience the oceans in a safe and comfortable manner.

U-Boat Worx 9-person Luxury Submarine NEXUS Side View
U-Boat Worx 9-person Luxury Sub NEXUS Side View

A unique feature of U-Boat Worx' flagship submersibles is the optional passenger elevator, also integrated on the company’s C-Researcher models.

Thanks to top-mounted diving tanks, the view abeam on both sides is unrestricted by floaters, with ample freeboard. This also leads to a stable boarding platform granting sufficient space for all occupants to stand on deck.

Submarine Essentials- Maximum Manoeuvrability and Speed

The NEXUS is optimised for ship-based launch and recovery, and can also be deployed from land and transported to dive sites.

In addition to the 9-person NEXUS, a marginally smaller and lighter 7-person version is available.

NEXUS – meaning a point of connection – bridges the gap between people and the ocean, providing a truly immersive aquatic encounter.

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