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Captain's Log: UNDER THE DRONE

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Get the latest in Drone use on yachts from Dock Walk with a quote from Dave Carmichael on drone applications.


Under the Drone Yacht News
Yacht Use of Drones

Read the run down on drone regulations around the world and the many uses ashore as well as around yachts.

Dave Carmichael, president of Brownies YachtDiver, uses and sells the Splash drone. "We have sold many of them to yacht owners and captains who use them for a variety of things," he says. "Some of our fishing charter customers use them to spot fish far ahead of the boat, some drop a chum bag away from the boat to entice fish to come closer. Our users find many other innovative ways to use drones." But Carmichael adds, "You have to be careful where you use them, preferably not in high-density areas."
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