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Sea Doo RS Series

sea doo rs series


Experience the Ultimate freedom machine
The Seascooter RS Series delivers the next generation underwater vehicle with a host of standard features for the most convenient and lightweight thrill-ride yet. All you have to do now is just get out there. Click here to go to the Seadoo Seascooter Site.


Active depth: 50m / 160ft (maximum tested depth rated)
Advised depth: 40m / 130ft (maximum advised safety limit for scuba diving)

• Fastest recreational lightweight DPV and Seascooter™ for snorkeling
• Super lightweight
• Powered by environmentally considerate Li-ion batteries
• The first detachable and externally rechargeable Li-ion battery system for an underwater vehicle
• Unique self-filling ballast hull for neutral buoyancy
• Gear locking system for trigger-less cruising
• Down-force spoilers for safe & stable straight line navigation
• 3 rotational speed selection
• Ergonomic trigger positioning
• And more

rs 1 standard features


Stabilizing glide fins For straight-line forward navigation

Down-force spoiler
Prevents upward skidding when accelerating

Cruise control setting
Gear locking system for trigger-less cruising

Powered by Lithium Ion battery New environmentally considerate energy source

Waterproof battery casing with pressure release valve Fully encased battery housing with safety depressurization cap

Replaceable battery pod and drop-in charging station
The only Lithium Ion powered DPV that has replaceable rechargeable batteries allowing for endless back-to-back dives and snorkel runs
Speed control triggers
Toggle between gears to adjust your speed and acceleration

Integrated ballast control
Unit contains a self-filling ballast hull to achieve neutral buoyancy

Handle diameter suitable for attaching wrist watch

Lead ballast weights

Including four lead ballast weights with fixed insertion slots for fine-tuning buoyancy

Angular trigger positioning
Triggers facing outward to accommodate natural thumb position during trigger operation

Best weight-to-performance ratio
Fastest recreational lightweight DPV unit for diving and snorkeling 


Torch mount 
Fiberglass reinforced plastic mount compatible with ballast weights insertion slot system

Handlebar accessory D-ring
Attachment point for tow cord/ harness

Sea-Doo Scuba DPV dry bag
Multi purpose dry bag with removable Sea-Doo Seascooter RS Strap-in system for easy transport

Automatic shut-off when trigger released, battery life indicator, thermal switch function; automatically shuts down operation when internal temperature exceeds programmed safety level, water leakage sensor function; if by accident water enters the battery or gear housing, unit will shut down operation intermittently and will signal diver with 10-second-interval audible alert.  Battery will not be affected.

seadoo rs 1 featuresRS1
DIM: 62 x 30 x 30 cm
         24 ½ x 12 x 12 in

WEIGHT: 9.3kg / 20.5lb
BATTERY: Class 1 - Li-ion 22v – 18 batteries
RUNTIME: 90 min
SPEED: 1~6km/h - 1~3.75mph - 1.3 knots
CHARGING: 5 hours
*RS1 can use RS1 battery only
seadoo rs 2 featuresRS2
DIM: 62 x 30 x 30 cm
         24 ½ x  12 x 12 in
WEIGHT: 9.3kg / 20.5lb
BATTERY : Class 2 – Li-ion 22v – 12 batteries
RUNTIME: 75 min
SPEED: 1~5km/h - 1~3.00mph - 1.6 knots
CHARGING: 4 hours
* RS2 can use RS1 and RS2 battery
seadoo rs 3 featuresRS3
DIM: 62 x 30 x 30 cm
        24 ½  x 12 x 12 in
WEIGHT: 9.3kg / 20.5lb
BATTERY: Class 3 – Li-ion 22v – 6 batteries
RUNTIME: 60 min
SPEED: 1~4km/h - 1~2.50mph - 2 knots
CHARGING: 3 hours
* RS3 can use RS1, RS2 and RS3 battery

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